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All Smiles as the Ha-Ha Wall is Brought Back to Life

By Heritage Craft Alliance Ltd, Dec 1 2016 11:27AM

Last week we had our second year Level 3 students with us, they are nearing the end of their apprenticeships and working hard to complete their extensive work based portfolios. It was a good weather week so they were fortunate to be able to mix academia with the practical side of things out on the 'live site'.

Thorp Perrow, where we are based, boasts an impressive Ha-Ha wall which has fallen in to disrepair - a sunken stone wall with the top layer level with the garden and a deep ditch at the far side. The wall would have originally been built in the 17th or 18th century to create the perfect vista for the land owner, invisible from the house and preventing livestock from entering the formal gardens.

The taks in ihand is to repair and reconstruct the Ha-Ha wall using the original materials. The group split in to two teams - one preparing the site by removing vegetation and salvaging the stone, and the other tackling the rebuild. They have begun by back pointing using lime mortar and the results so far are impressive see the before and after pictures.

The group are back with us next week so we are looking forward to seeing how things develop, only another 50 or so metres to go...

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