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Autumn is gathering pace

By Heritage Craft Alliance Ltd, Nov 3 2016 10:25AM

As the leaves change on the trees and the dark nights close in our Level 3 apprentices are here for the third week of their 17 week course. It's my first week working for Heritage Craft Alliance so I have taken the opportunity to get out and about on the site, meeting the new students and seeing if they are settling in too. The majority of students are here with the Canal & River Trust and the remainder from the National Trust and The Landmark Trust.

I have been made to feel very welcome by the staff and students alike so it hasn't been difficult to get chatting with them this morning. I was keen to find out where they all originate from and have been astonished to find they travel from as far as Cornwall, Mid Wales and the West Midlands. Everyone agrees that the long journeys are worth it as it is such an interesting setting for learning to take place.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings are spent in the classroom covering the theory side of the courses, the rest of the week the students can be found out on the 'live site' or in the workshops. Teamwork abounded this morning when I visited the masons who are making progress with their circular walls.

Further down the lane and the wood workshops are a hive of industry when I arrive. One student tells me that the joint making skills they are currently honing will be instantly transferable when they are back with their employers next week as they will be working on gates.

The tutor is also happy to spend time explaining to me how the students will progress over the coming months, beginning with the basics before moving on to more intricate work. I can see that striving for accuracy will be crucial in ensuring success as they become proficient in more complex skills.

I am really looking forward to seeing how they progress over the coming weeks and will keep updating the page.


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