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 Eligibility & Funding

In order to join the Traditional Craft Apprenticeship Programme you should have:


  • Level 2 or equivalent in an appropriate skill


  • 5 Years’ experience working in the sector


  • Proof of substantial knowledge and experience in traditional construction crafts


PLEASE NOTE: You must also be employed in a suitable capacity for more than 16 hours per week. (Placements may be available with national employers).


All potential apprentices will be interviewed.

 Funding Options

  • 16-18 year olds will be fully funded via the Skills Funding Agency

  • 19-24 year olds will usually have to secure up to 50% of the funding to cover their contribution (Full funding may be available subject to eligibility)

  • Over 24 year olds in most cases will not be funded




The Government strategy is to seek financial support from employers in the development of their own staff through national accredited training programmes.


Incentives are available but change frequently. Two current ones we know about are;




If an employer is CITB registered then there are grants that can be claimed for employed apprentices following construction-related apprenticeship programmes of two years or more, details are here: CITB Apprenticeship Grants.


In addition there are opportunities to access Career Development Loans to cover costs.

 Financial Support from Employers

 CITB Apprenticeship Grants

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