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 Upskilling FAQ's

1) Do I have to come to you to do my training?


It depends on which course you want to do. We are based in Bedale, North Yorkshire where we have workshops and training facilities. In addition we can offer accommodation if you wish to stay close by.


We can also come out to you at your work site to assess and train and will work anywhere in the UK. (This is subject to the scope of the work and delegate numbers).


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2) What are 'OSAT' qualifications?


OSAT stands for “on site assessment and training” which means you can complete a qualification whilst you are working for an employer. These would be NVQ qualifications which assess the competence of the craftsperson on live work sites. See more details here…..Link to OSAT page


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3) What does the OSAT process involve?


The process is fairly straightforward; once the candidate is registered, we spend some time on induction, which embraces:


There will be on average 3-5 site visits to cover live work and to review any work which has been completed in the interim.

For example: the Level 3 NVQ diploma in heritage skills masonry - we would expect a candidate with full time work to take between 6 and 12 months to complete the process all the way to certification. This is of course dependent upon there being sufficient work of an appropriate type, and relevant to the qualification, available for assessment.


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4) What types of 'Heritage Skills' NVQ Level 3 Diplomas are there?


Our range of qualifications for the Heritage Skills NVQ Level 3 Diploma are as follows:


We can also deliver NVQ Level 4 Construction Site Supervision and Level 6 Management for conservation projects.


We also deliver other NVQ qualifications on site such as trowel occupations and wood occupations.


All above are delivered as OSAT courses. See our Courses page for more details


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5) How do NVQ's compare to other qualifications?


Because NVQs are work-based qualifications, it is difficult to give exact academic equivalents.


However, as a guide:


Level 2 NVQ - GCSE at grades A*–C

Level 3 NVQ - A or AS Level or BTEC National Certificate or Diploma

Level 4 NVQ - BTEC Higher National Certificate or Diploma

Level 5 NVQ - Foundation degree or professional qualification

Level 6 NVQ - Bachelor's degree with honours, graduate certificates and graduate diplomas


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6) What are your course costs?


Our charges are currently shown on the Courses page of our website.


NOTE: Once you have the NVQ Level 3 in Heritage Skills and completed your on-line CITB Health and Safety test, you can apply for a CSCS Gold Heritage Skills Card. (Additional costs need to be paid to CITB for these of £15 - £30)


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7) Can you take into account work I might have done already?


We can take account of work undertaken prior to registration, provided there is sufficient evidence available and it is relevant to the qualification standards.


We can discuss what is acceptable at your induction.


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