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 On Site Assessment & Training (OSAT)

This route offers Craftspeople, Supervisors and Managers the opportunity to gain the skills and recognition they require to meet the criteria for various NVQ Diplomas Levels 2/3/4 and 6.


This delivery is based at your place of work offering the least disruption to your daily work routines. Under pinning knowledge and skills upgrades take place as a one to one or in groups where appropriate.




The programme duration depends on your access to suitable activities. You will need to be engaged on heritage construction sites to be assessed for the qualification. We will assist wherever possible to fill gaps in these activities, by invitation to engage in live site work as a volunteer. This ensures that if a serious gap exists we can help to cover this with real time hands on activities.


The under pinning knowledge is delivered at times suitable to you and agreed in advance.


Our programmes take between 4 months and 12 months to complete. The main driver is access to suitable activities as described above.


OSAT Costs

The costs of these programmes are:

Level 2 NVQ £1450.00

Level 3 NVQ £1650.00

Level 4 NVQ £1850.00

Level 6 NVQ "050.00


All + VAT @ 20%






 Duration of Programme

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